Post Operation Tummy Tuck Massage

Doctors often recommend massage to reduce swelling and bumps after a tummy tuck surgery. When I work with people a month to 6 weeks after surgery, I use two very different massage techniques, one light and one deep, to assist tissue healing and improve appearance.


The first technique is a lymphatic massage, a circular style which helps drain fluid away from the skin. Liposuction techniques disturb the natural lymph channels that draw fluid away from tissues, so this technique is designed to encourage the rebuilding of that system and remove excess fluid. Lymphatic is a very light, wavy type of massage.

The second technique is deeper and is based upon my experience treating women after surgery for gynecological conditions. This uses Rolfing and neuromuscular massage methods to combat scar tissue and adhesions that form in the skin and continue deeper into the connective tissues and muscles under and around incision areas. Scar tissue can thicken and pucker, causing lumpy or bumpy looking spots called keloids. The massage stretches and smoothes scars and separates skin from connective tissues and muscles to allow natural movement. This improves appearance and lessens the sensation that an area is stiff or unable to stretch normally. Since the normal lymph system is challenged by surgery, I will sometimes recommend using detoxifying treatments such as seaweed packs to encourage lymph drainage from undisturbed areas upstream from the tummy. This helps shift excess fluid from the lymph system to where the kidneys can excrete it. To me, the tough part of the post-surgery recovery is the home program. You have to drink plenty of water, stick to a virtually carbohydrate-free diet, steer clear of caffeine and get plenty of restful sleep. I’m sure we all do that.

As one might suspect, these techniques also work on scars, dents and bumps created by other types of surgeries or by accidents and injuries. They are part of my massage therapy tool kit to restore normal function to the body. If you have nasty-looking scars from a knee surgery, or swelling from an injury, these techniques can be done as part of your wellness massage.

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