Sue's Spa Treatment Options

Relaxing Foot Wrap:

The foot wrap treatment is done during your massage, with the goal of increasing relaxation and lymph flow in the feet and throughout the body. We start with aromatherapy foot massage oils in lavender or eucalyptus, followed by a gentle pumice-based scrub to exfoliate the feet. Then the feet are wrapped in warm towels and left to relax. For a few minutes we massage elsewhere and then return to the feet, wipe away the scrub with warm towels and apply a lavender/tea tree lotion and a cooling foot spray.

Renewing Back Treatment:

The back treatment is designed to refresh and exfoliate skin that you can’t reach and boost the flow of lymph and blood around the neck and shoulders – the area where many people’s muscles feel congested and tight from long hours at a computer or from driving.

We begin with a lymphatic-boost massage oil that produces a warm, cinnamony-glow. Then we apply a mild exfoliant lotion, followed by warm, moist towels to remove the exfoliator. A refreshing toner followed by a hydrating gel complete the treatment.

Steam Heat Relief Pack:

Sue says, “This is the treatment I enjoy the most, probably from my mis-spent youth working at a computer console.” The back and neck are massaged, and then a thin coat of MSM and arnica is applied to the congested area – usually the neck and upper back. She packs the area with warm towels, a dry towel and then two insulated steam heat packs. These are sand packs that are soaked in detoxifying herbs for several hours. As the steam penetrates through the towels, it brings relaxing moist heat to the weary muscles and connective tissue. This treatment lasts for 10 to 20 minutes, based on the recipient’s ability to absorb the warmth. The steam packs are not available for house calls, but we can do a mini version of this treatment using moist warm towels. For people with hormonal congestion, powdered seaweed can be used instead of MSM/arnica.


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