Tight Jaws and Soft Landings

couple-sleepingClenching and grinding the teeth at night may be silent – the only sign may be a morning or a tired sensation across the face and sides of the scalp. A dental appliance can protect the teeth and soft palate from damage, but what about the tension that creates the problem?

This is a great opportunity for massage techniques that release trigger points in the jaw muscles and end the tension. By addressing tension in these muscles we address the actual cause of the problem – not just treat the symptoms.

What’s neat about these jaw muscle massages are that they also address common sources of headaches and help improve drainage in the ears by releasing muscles cramps around the ears.

Where are these muscles? The main ones are in the angle of the jaw sideways to the dimples – basically the area that on men are covered by sideburns. Also, the jaw is affected by a large, thin muscle on the side of the scalp above the ear.

Once tension in these areas is addressed, I can show you a few simple tension release tricks to keep these areas free of spasms. I always do these after dental work, or after having dinner with the parents. No one likes to wake up with a headache!

Learn more about my trigger point massage service or give me a call at (949) 251-8907.
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