Epsom Salt Lotions and Home Brew

istock_000013895887_extrasmallI have often recommended Epsom salt lotion to folks who have aches and pains. The lotion is easier to use, especially for people who do not like to soak in the tub, and it is very effective in loosening spastic muscles.


The lotion is so good; I even recommended it by the store that sells it, CVS, as a good buy. Then CVS made a change. It stopped carrying the lotion and I have had many people call or email as to where they can find it.

I made my own investigation into this, courtesy of Google, and found two other brands I can recommend. The first is “Epsom-It” and the second is Kirkman’s Epsom Lotion, an organic more natural formula. Both are available online through lots of vendors. But shucky-darn, they are more expensive than the CVS version, which was $10.

Lots of folks have sent emails to CVS urging the store return it to their shelves, and I encourage users to do the same. If they hear from enough people, it may re-appear. It’s always nice to be able to find something this good at a chain store, so you do not have to worry about if you can find some on a trip or vacation.

Also as part of my Internet searches, I found several recipes for home-brew Epsom lotion. Basically you use a blender to crush or grind up the Epsom salts into a finer powder and blend in a hand or body lotion.

My first attempts at this brew yielded a great lotion, and a great mess in my kitchen. Then a few days later my brew turned into a sort-of quickset grout. The commercial lotions seem to be better equipped to keep the Epsom from separating.

Now I’m using old jelly jars with a wide-mouth top so I can brew some small batches and stir them well when I need them, adding a bit of lotion here and there to loosen the mixture. The hint of grape and strawberry in them adds to the ambiance.

Epsom salts have a long history of relieving sore and tired muscles, and we have no reason to deny ourselves with a bit of a batch at home. Just don’t make as much as I did. CVS, I hope your folks are reading this…

- Sue Peterson

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