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Relaxed, mindful movement: For once in our lives, discover the joy of a good C-minus. Gentle, slow waving movements of the arms and legs assist with circulation and reduce soreness. These are Tai chi-like movements, a bit slow-motion, no windmills or sudden stops. I can show you how to “Wave Hands like clouds” a Tai Chi move. Or imagine you are the Queen waving regally to the masses. Ahem.

These movements allow your natural systems to recover from the hustle and bustle of Orange County. And with practice you can integrate these into daily life for feel-good results all the time!

Active stretching: Another introduction to the world of good a C-minus can deliver.  When I first began trying to stretch, nothing worked, because I was stretching like Grant took Richmond. Let me show you how not to make tension worse with overstretches. It helps to slack off a bit and taking the easier stretching road.