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Lymphatic Drainage

Every area of the body has a drainage system that draws fluids to be recycled or flushed from tissues. Lymph is like a wave – unseen and efficient until an accident, condition or surgery makes it sluggish or backlogged. Slowed lymph leads to swelling and is known to hobble the immune system.

Sue uses three versions of lymph massage to accomplish different goals – Activation, encouragement and drainage. Loosen Up offers consultation to define what type of lymph therapy best suits your needs.

Post-surgery lymph care involves diverting blocked lymph to reduce swelling and helping vessels re-establish their connections to the lymph system Sue has developed a scar sculpting and remodeling treatment for post-tummy tuck and liposuction swelling and lumps.

Lymph activation clears larger lymph vessels in the neck and abdomen for better circulation. People with fibromyalgia or travel jet lag love how these treatments boost energy.

Encouragement is the most popular form of lymph available today – it combines activation techniques with condensed drainage therapy – the so-called “lymph light” for critical areas such as the neck, armpits and abdomen.

Lymph drainage is the most detailed and effective of the methods. Light, gentle touch opens and flushes the entire lymph system. This is the most complete and long-lasting lymph therapy and is recommended as a prelude to a course of deep-tissue therapy for ailments and performance.

Which lymph is right for you? Call for an appointment at (714) 435-0865. Sue can assess what lymph assistance appears needed and also work with your surgeon’s recommendations if it is for post-liposuction or tummy-tuck care.