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Post Tummy-Tuck and Liposuction Massage

Recovery from surgery to remove loose fat and tighten muscles in the abdomen isn’t easy. Massage using deep lymph drainage and scar revision and remodeling can help. Traditional lymphatic therapy accelerates lymph drainage in the entire body There is much debate about what type of lymph massage helps during recovery, and Sue brings both the traditional and newer aesthetic methods together.

Scar remodeling helps smooth out bumpy patches and reduce spot swelling. Lymph massage helps drain the areas affected by using deeper lymph pathways. A combination of these methods will help surgery do what it is intended to do – produce a firmer contour in skin and underlying tissues. Sue suggests following your surgeon’s recommendations for when to start massage for recovery, along with using undergarments and exercises as recommended.

Generally expect to have five or six consecutive treatments with occasional tune-ups during the first year post-op.