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Medical Massage Deep Tissue Orange County Sue Peterson

The Bermuda Triangle of Tension – headaches, neck cricks and shoulder stiffness. It’s the area most people are reaching for when they say “I need a massage” and its no surprise. Why call it the Bermuda Triangle? Because stuff flies in – and it never flies out!

Smart phones create the Triangle by a combination of neck flexion, screen-squinting and arm cradling. The triangle is where many people feel a loss of circulation and a dull, sore ache in the shoulder. Suddenly, simple movements, like looking in the left side mirror while driving, become crackly and difficult.

Deep Tissue massage brings fresh nutrients to these areas and dissipates substances that create soreness. When addressing the Triangle, massage works from many angles, draining lymph fluids, decompressing neck nerves that feed the shoulders and arms, and opening the muscles and tendons to healthy movement.