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Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy combines the best of massaging techniques including sports, deep-tissue, trigger point, myofascial and lymph drainage massages to release stuck or painful spots that help reduce or eliminate symptoms of a host of ailments.

Medical Massage Therapy Costa Mesa

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What is Medical Massage Therapy?

Medical Massage therapy is designed to treat conditions causing discomfort by addressing symptoms as well as causes. The goal is to ease symptoms that create discomfort in the body and mind.

Medical Massage may be focused on problems such as back pain, sciatica, gastric reflux, headaches, compressed nerves, TMJ and Parkinson’s Disease, to name a few. 

Medical massage therapy is often used with other therapies to improve outcomes. Therapeutic stretching, kinesiology taping, topical analgesics and ice and heat applications are often added with medical massage. These are often adapted to home programs to retain results.

Why Should I Get Medical Massage Therapy?

A pain-free life is possible with natural medical massage therapy. It combines the best of techniques including sports, deep-tissue, trigger point, myofascial and lymph drainage massages to release stuck or painful spots. 

Without treatment, symptoms can take over and rule out daily activities. Medical Massage therapy calms symptoms and addresses their expression in the body through muscles, nerves, and connective tissue. At its best outcome, the body is able to heal itself and resume usual activity.

Medical Massage therapy also helps reduce or eliminate symptoms of a host of ailments – migraines, headaches, digestive reflux, constipation, urgency, panic attacks among them – by releasing pinched nerves and tight muscles inhibiting your body’s ability to relax, breathe and move.

How does Medical Massage Therapy work?

Carefully assessed and applied Medical Massage therapy works to correct problems such as low back nerve compression leading to sciatic pains in the back, legs or feet. For some complex diseases such as Parkinson’s, addressing affected nerve areas can reduce or slow symptoms such as shaking hands or stiff walking.

Dealing with medical conditions also improves mood, ability to cope with stress and general wellness. Feeling better helps propel the body’s own natural healing solutions.

One good example of this is in the treatment of headaches, including migraine, cluster and tension headaches. A person with headaches often has tight, stuck scalp and muscle tissues at the back of the head and neck, and treating these areas reduces the intensity and frequency of headaches. By freeing the scalp and small muscles trapping nerves at the back of the head, headaches along the eyes and forehead are relieved. Often people are able to completely resolve their headache issues with a course of treatment with medical massage.

Who is Medical Massage Therapy ideal for?

Any person who has a condition that is interfering with their ability to function at work or play. The goal is to address deficits in the nervous system, muscles, soft tissues or structure. Gastric ailments like irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, constipation, for instance are very responsive to medical massage

Dan Kuhn
Dan Kuhn
3 months ago
I've had about four 2-hour appointments with Sue. I'm always amazed at the knowledge and experience she brings to bear on all of my physical issues. Always helpful and teaches me new things during each visit, like how to stretch to avoid sciatic issues. Friendly, skilled, and knowledgeable - highly more
michael mitchell
michael mitchell
4 months ago
Sue takes care of any issue and is determined to make your life better. She has improved the quality of my life by her massage therapy sessions. My neck, back and hips have definitely improved thanks to her determination to more
Hunt Dabney
Hunt Dabney
4 months ago
I have been getting massage regularly for several decades, most of it from Sue, and for good reason. She is a warm and nurturing person who is easy to connect with, and is hands down the best massage therapist I have ever gone more
AJ Iredale
AJ Iredale
6 months ago
Sue is outstanding at what she does, definitely an expert in medical massages - I had aches in my lower back from spending a lot of time sitting in my office, I had relief quickly and will definitely continue the upkeep of attending a massage. Thank you for all of your help! Highly recommendedread more
zsombor torok
zsombor torok
a year ago
Best in Orange County for people with back pain
Anthony Devincentis
Anthony Devincentis
5 years ago
Sue is awesome!!!! She gave me a great deep tissue massage and really cares about her clients. She's also really funny too! Good massage therapists are very hard to find and I am definitely going to stick with her. read more
Jennifer Tan
Jennifer Tan
9 years ago
Sue is the best massage therapist I have every had. She had great energy, does aromatherapy, and knows the body - she is a true pro. I go in with a headache and walk out without one - it's a miracle! The price and quality cannot be beat. I have been seeing Sue for 3+ years once a month with a fancy spa massage here and there - always disappointed with the fancy spas and wished I had spent that time at Loosen Up more
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I love Sue! She is the best! Her massage therapy is amazing, very professional, nice office! Very accommodating and friendly service. I would recommend her to anybody who is needing a great massage, she focuses on medical massage as much as muscle-solving deep tissue massages. My back is feeling much better.

Benefits of Medical Massage Therapy

Helps relieve problems such as back pain, sciatica, gastric reflux, headaches, compressed nerves, TMJ and Parkinson’s Disease. 

Medical massage therapy allows people avoid the side effects of drugs, injections or surgical solutions to headache problems. 

Reduces or eliminate symptoms of a host of ailments – migraines, headaches, digestive reflux, constipation and more.

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